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Step 2: Find the points on the left hand and left foot

Pain on Right

 Headache at right forehead

Find the pressure point LI 4 in the middle of the meta carpal bone behind the left index finger.  LI 4 is a powerful point if pressure is applied on the muscle just under the bone.   LI 4 is not permitted during pregnancy.

Find SP 4 on the inside of the left foot about 1" up from the knuckle.  When combined with LI-4 to treat headaches both LI 4 and SP 4 become more powerful.  SP 4 may be especially helpful if you have a sensitive stomach or nausea associated with your headache. Treat nausea here.

point right Some headaches may be a sign of a serious medical emergency.  Read more here

point right Treatments often used for headaches can lead to serious long term side effects.  Read more here

Step 3: Scroll Down and press both points for relief

Locate and press the most sensitive area near each point. Press deep enough to feel an achy sensation.  If you need to press harder use your thumb or (if your have long finger nails) try the blunt end of an ink pen.

Press on the
 left hand...

Press each point for about a minute while taking 3 or 4 DEEP, SLOW breaths.

...and then on the left foot.

Repeat this treatment by pressing both points in sequence several times, then read the suggestions below.
If your headache is related to nausea or stomach pain try adding the points from this link.

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That feels Better!
Did you feel some relief?  If your answer is yes you may feel more improvements if you repeat this treatment after a few minutes.  If there is still any remaining pain or if the pain returns you may repeat the treatment as often as you wish.  If the pain moves to a new area find the proper treatment points for the new location and use the new points to eliminate the pain. If you feel significant improvement use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know. Your feedback will help PrestoPainGo become more and more effective. 

Please help us eliminate needless pain and make the world a healthier place to live, a world where medications are a last resort instead of the first available option.  Spread the word: like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or email your friends to let them know about PrestoPainGo. Donate to the website by using the button below to make a credit card or PayPal payment.  Any amount is welcome and appreciated.
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Is this supposed to work?

No relief?   Try these suggestions: 

1. Check to be certain that you started by selecting the image that best matches the location of pain on your body.  If you can find an image that is a better match try pressing those points.  If your pain moves to a new location after you press the first set of points go back to the previous page, select the image that best matches the new pain location, and try using the new points.

2. Check the general area around the point location by gently pressing to find the most sensitive spot.  Pressing on the most sensitive spot in the area will usually give you the best results.
3. Follow the proper techniques for pressing the points. Press hard enough to feel a connection and then breathe in and out slowly three times while pressing for at least 15 to 30 seconds.  If you do not get any results you should try pressing hard enough that it is quite intense but, please don’t injure yourself.  Breathe into the pain and slowly move the area of the body that you are trying to treat. Take a two minute break and try again.

4. Try points in the same area but, on the opposite hand, foot, leg, or arm.

5. Select another pain location image that is located close to the pain location on your body. Try using these related point selections to see if you get better results
6. Contact an acupuncturist and make an appointment.  An individualized diagnosis may be necessary to resolve your condition.

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The pain is completely gone!

Deepak Kulshrestha

Pain in the forehead is often associated with sinus congestion, digestive problems, or the onset of a cold or flue. 
As PrestoPainGo develops we will provide more links to acupressure protocols which treat these related issues.