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When to Use PrestoPainGo and When to Call an Acupuncturist

PrestoPainGo provides short term relief for symptoms which come and go like headaches, body pain, and menstrual cramps. Presto Acupressure is designed to provide uncomplicated self help treatments and immediate relief of symptoms. These treatments are intended to treat one symptom at a time, but one can do several treatments in sequence to treat multiple issues. 
Because PrestoPainGo is available any time that one has an internet connection on a home computer, tablet, or smart phone it can easily be used at the onset of symptoms.  It is always quicker and easier to fix a problem before it becomes entrenched. Don’t wait for pain to get worse; treat it immediately!  Some chronic pain issues will also benefit from Presto Acupressure treatments, but Presto users will need to follow through with a persistent series of treatments to see how much help they can help.
Acupuncture practitioners, on the other hand, can thoroughly evaluate their patients by reviewing their health history, completing a pulse & tongue diagnosis, and understanding the significant links between multiple symptoms.  This allows them to treat the root causes of problems and not just the symptoms. Practitioners can design complex treatment strategies which treat root causes of problems.  They can disentangle complex, vicious cycles of interdependent symptoms which reinforce and maintain each other.
Practitioners create individual treatment plans and provide personal coaching, so patients can follow through with regular treatments and lifestyle changes. They can provide specific nutritional supplements and life style recommendations to speed up results. Practitioners can also formulate custom-made Traditional Chinese Herbal preparations to enhance healing and reduce a patient’s dependence on prescription medications.
Good practitioners follow up by doing regular re-evaluations to review progress and adjust their treatment plans to fit each patient. Chinese medical training gives the healing arts a unique and holistic perspective which is based a medical tradition which has endured for two thousand years.  Individual acupuncturists contribute by adding their personal insights and a reflective human dimension to the healing process. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, comments, or requests contact us here

Dear Presto,

I have frontal headaches off and on.  Yesterday I didn't have a headache and I used presto acupressure to see what would happen.  I didn't notice any changes.  Is it working?  Bill K.

Dear Bill,

You can't tell if it is working if you don't feel any pain or tension.  It doesn't hurt to practice when you are feeling OK but, if you want to feel results wait until you feel pain or any indication that the pain is starting.  On the other hand, it is most effective to treat pain at the very beginning if possible.  The earlier you try to stop a migraine the easier it is to stop.  If you treat a sprained ankle minutes after it happens the results can be amazing.  This is the greatest advantage of using Presto Acupressure: you don't need to wait for an appointment to treat a problem.  If possible use presto as soon as you notice your muscles tighten up and stop the pain before it starts.

Dear Presto,

Most of the pressure points that you recommend are different from other acupressure websites.  Are you making these up as you go?  John A.

Dear John,

Most acupressure methods use a few generalized points for each condition; like LI 4 for all headaches.  Presto Acupressure targets specific pain areas with corresponding pressure points to achieve more reliable and faster results.  The points I recommend are based on the underlying relationship of the 14 channels or meridians discovered by the Chinese many centuries ago.  I learned them from my acupuncture teachers and I have adapted them to create Presto Acupressure.  If you find other styles or methods of acupressure work well for you let me know about it here.

Dear Presto,

My Sciatic pain might be too serious. I've had it for 40 days straight and I can't sit down at all.  Jeff S.

Dear Jeff,

It’s unlikely that PrestoPainGo will cure your sciatica but, it might take the edge off.  Locate the pain area as closely as possible on the website and follow the instructions on the treatment page.  Don’t forget to breathe deeply and gently move your back while you are pressing on the recommended points.  TTry it a few times, read the suggestions at the bottom of the page, and try again.

To really help the sciatica I recommend that you try acupuncture. I have treated a lot of patients who had sciatica with acupuncture (see testimonials here: http://www.acupuncturerestoreshealth.com/Back%20Pain.htm).  In my clinic I base my treatment on a thorough initial evaluation.  This allows me to tailor the treatment to the individual I am working with and gives me better results with complex issues than PrestoPainGo.

If you can’t sit down at all you might need some one to drive you to a nearby acupuncture clinic to get a treatment but, it would be worth it to get rid of the pain.  I hope that PrestoPainGo will take the edge off so you can get help. 

Dear Presto,

Thank you, the acupressure points actually helped a little.  Both my wife and I go to acupuncture but I haven't had a chance this episode.

Thank you from Jeff S.

The two letters below encouraged me to develop a set of 12 new treatment pages for knee pain.  Thank you Barb and Linda for your feedback and questions.  The new knee pain menu page is here.

Dear PrestoPainGo,
I have developed pain in the back of my right knee. I cannot find an acupressure point to treat this.
Thanks, Barb
Dear Barb,
Thanks for contacting PrestoPainGo and congratulations for having the good sense to try acupressure instead of consecutive days of ibuprofen or some other pain medication.  I haven’t developed a menu page or treatment pages for knee pain, but your request may get me started on that project. (It did and the pagers are now on the website) 
Before doing the acupressure move your right leg gently around and see if there is a particular movement or position which increases the pain.  This provides a bench test so you can notice improvements after the treatment.
The easiest point for treating pain at the back of the right knee is LU 5 on the inside of the left elbow (see the red dot in the picture).  Press on the inside of the left elbow with the arm bent.  You will find a tendon in the middle of this area and LU5 is located alongside the tendon on the side closest to the body.  Press around until you find a tender spot then press down on this spot while taking 3 or 4 DEEP, SLOW breaths.  While you are pressing gently move the knee around to activate the knee.
Next evaluate your progress by gently repeating the particular movement or position which increased the pain in the bench test.  Can you move further without pain?  Has the pain moved out of the area?  Is there less pain?  It doesn’t hurt to repeat the treatment often if the pain keeps returning.
 If it doesn’t help, call a local acupuncturist for an appointment.  I have helped a lot of patients with knee pain, some which had gone on for years. An acupuncturist can evaluate your individual needs and give you customized treatments for your specific condition. This is worth paying for if you want to really fix the problem.
Take care,
Dear PrestoPainGo,
Your acupressure point for my knee pain worked!!!!  I used it when I experienced pain in church this morning and the pain was gone within 30 seconds.  I have used it several times with good results.  I'm really not sure the cause. The clinical side of me wants to know what is causing the pain, but the "result" side of me is really glad you gave me a way to relieve it.
Thank you so much for your response and recommendation.

Hello Presto,

Thanks so much for all the great information. I have right shoulder pain that can be quite intense, I have used chiropractic, osteopathic, and acupuncture. So far, your pressure points have worked the best. Do you have any suggestions for knee pain?  --Linda

Hello Linda,

I’m glad to hear that PrestoPainGo is working so well for you.   I have been thinking about adding knee pain to the Presto website for a year, but knee pain can be located in several areas around the knee and designing precisely targeted treatments is complicated.  I have been trying to figure out how to present a simple menu page and your email has stimulated some progress.   The new menu image for locating right knee pain is shown below. The next step is to make the 12 new treatment pages that link to the letters on the menu.  (The new pages are now finished and on the website).

Right Knee Dots


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Testimonials from Acupressure Participants

Acupressure After 35 Years of Headaches...

 My name is Lois S.  I went to an acupressure workshop given by Abundance Acupuncture  because I was suffering from headaches several times per week,  I have had this problem for 35 years. The headaches would wake me up at night and also interfered with my work day. They interrupted my sleep and caused me to feel fatigued and irritable.  

 I tried medications such as Aleve™ and Excedrin Migraine™.  These medications caused stomach ulcers and bleeding ulcers that resulted in my being hospitalized.

 I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after a demonstration treatment at the workshop and since then I have been able to manage the headaches myself using the techniques I learned at the acupressure workshop.  At this point in time my condition feels 85% better.  It has been over 15 years since I have had so few headaches! I now feel I have control of the headaches and not the other way around.  I am able to stop the headaches without medication and enjoy any activity. 

Acupressure for Shoulder Pain

My name is Richard D.  I came to an acupressure pain relief clinic held by Abundance Acupuncture in May 2008, because I had pain and limited range of motion in my left shoulder.  I had this problem for 2 years. The pain was sharp, stabbing, and went up to a level ten out of ten. It was impossible to lift my left arm and at night it would just ache while I was in bed.  It also interrupted my sleeping, caused depression, irritability, and made it difficult for me to enjoy everything in life.  It was hard to shower, change my clothes, eat, reach for my billfold, close the car door, or even pet the dog.

I tried medications such as four Cortisone shots, Vicodin, physical therapy, and chiropractic to resolve this pain, but no one could fix it.  I was even considering undertaking another surgery.

I began to feel improvement in my shoulder pain and had an increase in the range of motion in my arm seconds after getting the acupressure treatment.  Even now, nine days later, my shoulder still feels much better. I’m happy because I have less pain and can now move my arm.  For the first time in two years I can bathe and apply deodorant under my arm.  If David was a girl I would hug and kiss him.

Acupressure for Shoulder Pain II

My name is Debbie G.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in November, 2007 because I had pain in my right shoulder for eight months. The pain was at level 8 (on a scale of 1-10) and mostly felt achy but was sometimes stabbing.  The pain made it hard for me to reach up and behind my back, interrupted my sleep, and made it more difficult to concentrate and enjoy my work.

I tried medications such as Bayer/Back & Body to resolve this pain but it only covered up the problem for a day and the pain would return the next day.  I began to feel 100 % improvement in my pain seconds after getting the acupressure treatment.

At this point in time, two days after the acupressure my shoulder still feels 100% better.  I now feel no achy sensations or sharp pains.  It is amazing and difficult to believe.

Acupressure for Nerve Pain

My name is Polly B.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in December, 2007 because I had pain in my left arm and wrist following a blood draw where the phlebotomist struck a nerve.  The pain was intense and when the needle first struck the nerve bundle it felt like a massive shock.   I felt a shooting pain like a lightning bolt run down my arm and intensify in my wrist. After that the pain was a continuous dull ache down the length of my arm and any time I extended my arm I got an intense, sharp, shock like pain.  I had this pain for 3 days and at times the pain went up to level 10. 

It interrupted my sleeping and made it difficult for me to enjoy my work.  I could not even answer the phone with my affected hand and, because the pain was so sharp and intense my arm felt weak. I could not lift small objects or type without intense discomfort. I tried the Ibuprofen that the nurse suggested and warm compresses but, I got no relief from these treatments.  

I began to feel 100% improvement in my pain seconds after getting acupressure treatment. It was like a miracle. When the pain instantaneously disappeared I was so shocked that, for a moment, I doubted that I had ever had the pain.  Before the treatment the pain was continuous and after the treatment the pain was infrequent. I could lift objects, and do household chores with very little discomfort. The pain level went from a 10 to 0 or 3 depending on my activity after the acupressure.  At this point in time my condition feels 95% better and I only feel a slight tingling in my wrist and fingers.

A Miraculous Shoulder Treatment

Joe's shoulder is fine!My name is Joseph Dunn and I was treated on June 19th, 2014 because I had a frozen shoulder after a skate boarding accident.  The day before the treatment I hit an unexpected curb while skateboarding in the dark.  I landed hard on my left arm and shoulder, hobbled home, spent a painful night.   I woke up the next morning in extreme pain and was completely unable to move my left arm.  At the emergency room I was prescribed naproxen and was referred to surgery.  I left the hospital very worried because I work as a painter and now I was unable to use my left arm for anything.
I was renting an apartment from David Milbradt and I told him about the accident 18 hours after it happened.  At that time I could only lift my left arm up about 40° and we decided to try acupressure.  David pressed two points on my right lower leg and had me take three deep breaths.  It only took a couple of minutes and afterwards my arm was 100% completely mobile. The next day I was able to work for 11 hours painting ceilings with a smile on my face.  I got a call fro the surgeon’s office that afternoon offering to schedule surgery.  I said, “No thanks, I had a two minute acupressure treatment, and the shoulder was fine today.” 

This kind of acupressure is incredible.  I would recommend acupressure to anyone with acute injuries because Western medicine is expensive and only masks an injury. This is the most unbelievable healing experience of my life, a true miracle.  David’s treatment was amazing.