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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."  Wizard of Oz 1939

David Milbradt started working on PrestoPainGo in 2009 and launched it to the web in November 2011.  He sees patients at Abundance Acupuncture in Fall River, WI (on the web at www.acupuncturerestoreshealth.com).  

Getting Started

When I graduated from Acupuncture school in 1999 Robert Victor, a friend of mine who had been practicing for 12 years, took me aside and introduced me to a style of acupuncture called the Balance Method.  This style of treatment was able to instantly reduce or eliminate pain with reliable and predictable results.  I traveled and took classes by Dr. Richard Tan, a Chinese acupuncturist who brought this style of acupuncture to America.  I studied a related style of acupuncture introduced to the world by Master Tung Ching-Chang which I learned from a series of classes with Susan Johnson.  I have also incorporated scalp points which I learned from Professor Ming Qing Zhu.

      Robert Victor      David and Dr. Richard Tan       Susan Johnson     Professor Zhu  

Faster Than Morphine

 One day, I found myself talking to a new patient in a hospital room.  This patient was currently on an intravenous morphine drip but, she was still suffering terribly from shoulder pain. The pain had gone on for several years and she had become anxious, depressed and hopeless.

I had only planned to talk with her and I didn’t have acupuncture needles with me.  She was in constant pain and could barley more her arm.  I wanted to help her, so I pressed a couple points on her opposite leg. I told her to take several deep breaths, and asked her to move her arm.  Her arm was able to move twice as far as before and the pain level was instantly reduced.  I realized then, that the treatment style which I used was faster and more powerful than morphine even without the needles!

Since that time I have helped hundreds of people with what I now call Presto Acupressure.  I use it at health fairs and workshops.  I even tell patients how to press these points over the telephone (Presto Telepressure?).  I have used presto acupressure to treat headaches, menstrual cramps, foot pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and have even seen people with stubborn pain like peripheral neuropathy feel significant changes in their pain when nothing else has worked for years. 

Living On a Strange Planet

I began to feel like I was visiting a strange planet where everyone complained about how cold they were even though they all had sweatshirts tied around their waists. If they knew they had a sweatshirt they could easily put it on and warm up, but I was the only one who knew about the sweatshirts.  

Meanwhile, a countless number of people needlessly endure pain that could be safely alleviated with acupressure.  Many people take pain medications every day and then suffer from the long term consequences of these medications.  Common side effects of pain medications include serious damage to the digestive system, high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and addiction.  Every doctor knows that long term use of pain medications sooner or later leads to additional health problems and the need for even more medications.

I was helping lots of people at our acupuncture clinic but, even a busy clinic can only provide a drop of relief in an ocean of suffering. I wanted to help more people find relief from suffering and offer them a way out of the hopeless cycle of taking more and more medications.   

Teaching Presto Acupressure

I started teaching monthly acupressure classes in 2005 and have helped hundreds of people learn basic acupressure techniques. People who attend the workshop are able to treat a few types of headaches, nausea, and stress. I always want to teach more but, using Presto Acupressure to treat a wider variety of different conditions requires a thorough understanding of meridian pathways and theory.  Even after years of years of study and practice I continue to discover more and more effective treatment methods.

A Self-help Acupressure Website

This is why I created PrestoPainGo, a website that simplifies the complexities of Presto Acupressure, so anyone in the world who is suffering can find relief in three simple steps. 1) Locate the pain, 2) Go to the corresponding pressure point or points, and 3) Press the point or points for relief. 

If you can locate the pain on your body PrestoPainGo automatically finds the most effective point combinations to erase that pain.  Helpful tips tell when and how to apply the right amount of pressure. Safety warnings keep you informed of serious conditions which may require a consultation with a licensed health practitioner and warn about the risks of using different types of pain medication. You don’t need years of research and study.  PrestoPainGo does this for you.

Finally, your user ratings and comments help make PrestoPainGo more effective and easier to use every day.

Please help us eliminate needless pain and make the world a healthier place to live, a world where medications are a last resort instead of the first available option.  Spread the word: like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, and email  your friends to let them know about  PrestoPainGo.

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“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  -Victor Hugo