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Terms and Conditions of Use

All use of the PrestoPainGo website is undertaken at the users own risk.  PrestoPainGo does not diagnose or treat any condition.  PrestoPainGo is a tool to be used to assist self treatment and by using this website you indicate that you agree to take full responsibility for such self treatment.


Although PrestoPainGo desires to be accurate and complete there may be inaccuracies in the material. The information and warnings posted on the site do not claim to cover the full diagnostic or treatment options of any individual health condition.  If you use PrestoPainGo you agree that this website is not responsible if:  you misunderstand the information supplied by the website, use this information improperly, ignoring warnings posted in the website, or self treat without regard for undiagnosed health issues that require the attention of licensed health practitioners.


PrestoPainGo believes that it provides many people a faster and safer method of pain relief than any readily available over the counter or prescription medications but, the material on PrestoPainGo is presented with no warranties of any kind and each user is solely responsible for any outcome.


Please help PrestoPainGo grow into a powerful, inexpensive, safe, drug free solution to relieve pain and suffering world wide.  Tell your friends about the website and let us know if we have made a difference in your life.