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Three Simple Steps: 1. Locate the pain  2. Go to corresponding pressure points  3. Press points for relief

Step 1: Locate the pain as precisely as possible and click on the highlighted
area that most closely corresponds to the painful area in your body.
right side view of full model Frontal view of model  left side view of full model

Jaw Pain

 Neck & Upper Back Pain
Lower Back Pain
Jaw Pain

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At this stage of development treatment options are available for 30 different headache locations. There are now 11 pages for neck pain and upper back pain and 3 pages for lower back pain. New areas are being developed and added every few days.
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Come back often to see new treatment options added for other parts of the body.
If you have a request for treatment of a specific pain area contact me and let me know what you would like me to add  next.

Your body has an ability to heal that is more powerful than you realize.


Your body is covered with acupressure points that have been used to relieve pain for thousands of years.  Unfortunately, it takes years of study to know how to find and use these points.  It is also difficult to know which points are most effective for relieving specific areas of pain because most acupressure instruction is too generalized to be effective.


Meanwhile people needlessly endure pain that could be safely alleviated with acupressure.  Many people take pain medications every day and then suffer from the long term consequences of these medications.  Common side effects of pain medications include serious damage to the digestive system, high blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, and addiction.  Every doctor knows that long term use of pain medications sooner or later leads to additional health problems and more medications.


Fortunately, PrestoPainGo has created a simple to use three step process that helps you use Presto Acupressure, the fastest and most effective style of acupressure available.  If you can locate pain on your body PrestoPainGo will make it easy to find the most effective acupressure points or point combinations to ease that pain. 


Helpful tips tell how and when to apply the right amount of pressure to relieve your pain.   Safety warnings  keep you informed of serious conditions which may require a consultation with a licensed health practitioner and the risks of using different types of pain medication. You don’t need years of research and study.  PrestoPainGo does this for you.


Finally, your user ratings and comments help  make PrestoPainGo more effective and easier to use every day.  If we email our  friends and let them know about  PrestoPainGo the whole world can be come a healthier and safer place to live, a world where medications are a last resort instead of the first available option.  Together we can make that happen.