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Step 1 continued:  Locate the pain as precisely as possible. 

Click on the image with the highlighted area that best matches the primary focus of your pain.
right side of head Left side of head pain location Bilateral side of head pain location Left temple pain location 
Right side headache Left side headache Bilateral headache Pain at left temple
Right temple pain location Bilateral temple pain location Right TMJ pain location Left TMJ pain location
Pain at right temple Bilateral temple pain Pain in right jaw  Pain in left jaw
  Right occipital pain location  Right occipital pain location  Bilateral occipital pain location 
Bilateral jaw pain  Pain at right occipital   Pain at left occipital  Bilateral occipital pain   
back of head pain location  Top of head pain location  Forehead band pain location  whole forehead pain location 
Pain at Back of head   Top of  head pain  Frontal Headaches   Generalized head pain 
point right  Some headaches may be a sign of a serious medical emergency... read more...
  Treatments most often used for headaches can lead to serious long term side effects...read more...